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How to Make Mehndi Darker and Last Longer? – Get Tips & Ideas By Expert

How to Make Mehndi Darker and Last Longer? – Get Tips & Ideas By Expert

We are so much into the dilemma of getting a perfect Mehendi for our occasions, and what if it fades? Ouch, it hurts while even imagining this. Well, there are always home remedies that work magically, especially for skincare or body care. Here too, we are going to discuss some of the tips that you can try at your home and make Mehendi darker and last longer. Now make your Mehendi be the center of attraction. Also, remember to put Mehendi a day or two before the main day. Follow the simple tips as given below:

How to Make Mehndi Darker and Last Longer?

  • Lemon and Sugar mates for life

lemon & sugar matesThis method is by far the most successful and known too for making your Mehndi darker and last longer. Boil some sugar in normal water and let the solution rest till it cools. Now to make a proper mixture, take a bowl and pour the sugar water and add lemon juice to it. Stir it well and apply the lemon-sugar mixture on Mehendi with a cotton pad/ball. Add this solution twice or thrice once the Mehendi is dried. Sugar helps the Mehendi to stay intact on the skin and gives deeper penetration. 

  • Wrapping the design

overlaying another designWrapping up design is the easiest way to get your Mehndi darker and last longer. Wrapping up design means overlaying another design on top of the previous one. You can also wrap the design by itself, but it is recommended to ask the artist to do the wrapping also. If you are not a professional, then there are high chances of spoiling the design. Imagine if you have a light brown color whenever you put Mehendi on your hands, wrapping actually doubles the color, and that makes it dark brown or black. You can also use the medical tape that is available while wrapping the design. 

  • Leave Mehendi for longer time

leave mehandi We all usually keep the Henna for 2 to 5 hours. But instead, you need to keep the mehndi for a long time. It is preferable to live Henna overnight or for 12 hours, make sure that you don’t wash your hands and legs with water to protect Henna. After 12 hours or longer, rub your palms gently and scrape out mehndi.

Similarly, you can use your palms to remove the mehndi on your legs. If you have given enough time to the mehndi to dry, then it will even fall off. So if you want the beautiful color of your Mehendi, then let it take the full time, and you will notice a vibrant color.

  • Vaseline for the extra beauty

VaselineVaseline is used on mehndi designs to keep them darker and last longer. Make sure before going to bed, apply Vaseline on your Mehendi once it is dry. Leave the Vaseline overnight to protect your Mehndi color. Vaseline moisturiser the body also keeps the mehndi intact. If by mistake, you get your hands in water, vaseline protects your Mehendi forming a thick layer on it. So now, whenever you put Mehendi, remember that Vaseline is utterly important.

  • Vicks all-time savior

Vicks VaporubYes, Vicks is the all-time savior for your Mehndi. After you have mehndi on your hands and legs, let it dry overnight. The more amount of time you give your mehndi, the better color it comes as a result. Remove the next day by gently rubbing your hand and not using water at all till the mehndi is fully scrapped off. After you have removed the Mehendi, now it’s time to apply Vicks properly on your hands and legs. It will surely give your Mehendi a darker shade. 

So this is how you get your Mehndi darker and last longer. I hope you all follow these steps and come out with great results. Having a deep colored Mehendi is not just a dream; you can take proper care and have a dark shining mehndi for the Big Day. Also, I would suggest the users not to do waxing after you have applied Henna. These were the simplest solution on how to make Mehndi darker and last longer. Stay Beautiful, and stay happy!

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