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How to Learn Mehandi Design – Simple Tips by Mehandi Artist

How to Learn Mehandi Design – Simple Tips by Mehandi Artist

  • 8, Nov 2019
  • By: Carmen Wells
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Mehandi nowadays is a lot more than just an art form. The designs, the types, the color everything is evolving. In today’s generation, mehandi is not used only during Wedding, Karwa Chauth, or any other occasion. But Mehandi is also applied for various other reasons than this. Becoming a Mehandi artist is the right decision and that too in Vadodara. So I am going to tell you how to learn Mehandi designs, and you can also be a professional mehandi artist. 

Firstly, there are several types of designs, like Indian, Arabic, Pakistani, Western, Moroccon, and much more. The base of every type is the concept and idea. If you form a design, you need to understand the importance of applying it, like Arabic is minimal yet very filling. Likewise, you need to know the different forms and their significance. Now I will share with you a few tips on how to be a professional mehandi artist and can also open a business in Vadodara.

How to Learn Mehandi Design?

Tip 1. Google is my Best Friend

I know even you will agree to this, right? Select any form of design you want to master. Search the information on google and have a look at different designs and tutorials. Then with the help of a pencil and sheet, create your own design. Learn how to form the details in mehandi. After you are done with one sheet design. Do another mehandi design on a different page. Make sure you don’t repeat any pattern. This practice will generate new ideas in your head and help you learn fast. 

Tip 2. Your Friend’s hand is your practice sheet

Yes, once you are perfect on sheets, you can try your art on hands. Ask a friend to be your muse and give their hand to you. (sounds so Bollywood). Anyway, coming to mehandi, draw your design on your Friend’s hand and know the flaws yourself. Keep trying until your design is like a professional one. (I really feel bad for the Friend on whom you are going to practice).

Tip 3. Magic of color and art

Did you know the color of Mehandi? No, it’s not always dark brown. You get a range of colors like white, brown, black, red and gold. Try to do different each time, and you will learn mehandi so quickly. 

Since you have followed these steps, I now announce you as a professional mehandi artists. I hope you loved this article and have tried to apply it in your life. Learning Mehandi is not difficult at all, you just need to be creative, and you can create masterpieces. 


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